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'We need to smarten the place up a bit'

I visited a client a few months ago who had a nice office - but they wanted it to be better. They wanted a reception which was smart and up to date - with 'no more cherry wood' to be seen. The reception itself was more of a working area, so the Legal Secretaries who worked in this central space requested that they could still see the door, but at the same time were not totally visible to the entrance area. Here are some before photos of the space:

The Desk was very cluttered and visible to visitors

The next area that required attention was the T Point. They needed more layout space and it was in need of repair and brightening up. Here is a photo of before:

The toilets were in the Landlord demise but they wanted to improve the overall look of these - so I suggested a new cladding material on the market which looks like tiles to cover the landlord works and create a new look. Here is the before photo:

All these works needed to happen whilst the client was in occupation of the space - so the contractor worked hard to ensure they were not interrupted from their day jobs as much as possible.

The reception desk was designed to suit their brief and a grey slatted glass fin feature was created to act as a physical barrier to the door whilst maintaining a line of sight, and in keeping with the style of the space, modern and contemporary. The Cherry storewall at the rear had the doors replaced with white doors and new thick broadloom carpet was added to help with acoustics. All equipment was housed within the new oversized Corian desk which meant nothing was visible from a visitors perspective.

The T point was replaced and extended to create more surface space and more storage. A touchdown bench was added for extra layout space and also a breakout area for informal chats.

The toilets were totally transformed with new sink / mirror / lighting / flooring and wall cladding.

Finally a 'living wall' was added as a feature for the seating area in reception to add a different element to the space.

Photos of the final installed design are below:

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