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Office design has changed dramatically as a result of Covid19. The advances in technology and the restrictions of a pandemic have been a key driver in the way we will work going forward. No longer do you need a sea of desks in a soulless environment - staff are expecting more from their place of work - and more choices of where they can work. Agile working breakout working areas within the office / collaboration spaces for staff to brainstorm / quiet focused working areas are all becoming common place. The office will essentially be a place for staff to come together. The biggest asset to any company is its staff - and providing them with the facilities to work smarter will only aid to increase productivity.


TheJones London has wealth of experience and knowledge teamed with a drive to create efficient workspaces that are both well designed and inspiring.


Louise has a Degree in Interior Architecture and been in the industry for 25 years, solving problems for companies across London & Europe. Be it large blue chip companies, solicitors, media, hedge fund start ups and creative agencies, to Pilates studios and even hotels!


Every brief is different - every scheme is personal - every design is fit for purpose.


If you need to call in someone to help with interior design / spaceplan / redevelop any office or interior, to make it more aesthetically pleasing or to help produce a space that works, then this is when you need to keep up - with TheJones London.

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Previous Clients include:

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Workplace Interior Design

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