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Keeping up with.... A Gaming Company

Its not often you get a brief of "I want an 'Urban Village' look and feel" from a corporate client... But I was more than happy to take this brief and run with it. This was the third building I had looked at with them, and they discovered this gem in Aldgate with its exposed ceilings gave me the perfect basis to create a perfect office enviroment for them.

Having worked out the spaceplan to suit their needs, and created a large recording studio for their business needs I saw potential in the form of a 15m wall which would become the centre of the space for the office and breakout area - Seeing as their business is video / gaming / film production we approached the staff and asked them who they would like to see on a feature wall - they came back with quite a selection!

I then met Soulful Creative at 100% Design and had the idea of producing something with graffiti artists, as opposed to the graphic wallpaper I had previously envisaged - they took the list of client requests and produced the montage artwork - which in turn was applied to the wall using spray cans!

The rest of the space had to keep up with the style - and rather than have clear glass to all the offices and meeting rooms - a black 20mm manifestation was applied to the glazing to give it the effect of being more like a warehouse. The Tea Point was given an urban touch by not finishing the tiles for the splashback in a neat tidy edge - instead they were allowed to creep up the wall to meet a feature pendant light over the worktop to add to the styling.

The entire project from start to finish took 3 months from finding the space - and that included all the design development and the building works on site which were carried out expertly on time and on budget by AIS.

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